I am new in blogging. Having said that, I am still familiarizing myself from the bells and whistles of this blogging site – wordpress. I am currently thinking on the specifics of my blog… but I know I have to blog something I am passionate about.

I am a serious hobbyist photographer and I am very much interested in high speed photography genre. So without thinking much, I know I will blog all about high speed photography. I have the basic know-how in capturing high speed events like water drops, but honestly I am not a master. Not yet.

So I created this blog to be my personal journal on a journey to master the photography genre – high speed photography. And at the same time, help other photographers know more about this genre.

About highspeedphoto

An IT Professional by profession, photography is a hobby that makes me sane (and sometimes insane). Living in Manila, Philippines with my wife and two sons. As with most beginners in photography, I started in shooting Portraits and Landscapes... until I am inspired by the images under the genre High Speed Photography. I tried it and never looked back. Still developing my photographic skill under this field, I aim to create awe-inspiring images that our bare eyes can't normally see - whether it is a water droplet, water drop umbrella, splashing water, popping balloon, dancing paint/color, exploding bottle, etc. Please visit my blog from time to time as I will upload more photos.

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