What is High Speed Photography?

Wikipedia defines it as

High speed photography is the science of taking pictures of very fast phenomena. In 1948, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) defined high-speed photography as any set of photographs captured by a camera capable of 128 frames per second or greater, and of at least three consecutive frames. High speed photography can be considered to be the opposite of time-lapse photography.

In common usage, high-speed photography may refer to either or both of the following meanings. The first is that the photograph itself may be taken in a way as to appear to freeze the motion, especially to reduce motion blur. The second is that a series of photographs may be taken at a high sampling frequency or frame rate. The first requires a sensor with good sensitivity and either a very good shuttering system or a very fast strobe light. The second requires some means of capturing successive frames, either with a mechanical device or by moving data off electronic sensors very quickly.

For me, High Speed Photography is an art and science of capturing an event that occurs so fast, our naked eyes can’t follow. Usually, High Speed Photography (or HSP) events being captured are water droplets, splashing water, popping balloons, jumping paints, exploding things, etc. HSP is able to freeze these events, typically, duration is of a thousandth of a second, depending on the event.

In HSP,  image sharpness is everything, blur is not welcome.


The Start

As with most beginners in digital photography, I first shoot Portraits and Landscapes (and anything in between)… until I am inspired by HSP images. I also tried Still Life photography but I feel it lacks power and extra ooomph!

Searching some inspiration in web, I came across with photos of glass wines exploding, balloons popping, beautiful water drops and jumping color paints. These are the images I am looking for… Still Life photos with motions and emotions.

I tried it and never looked back. Still developing my photographic skill under this field, I aspire to create awe-inspiring images that our bare eyes can’t normally see.


The Blog

I am a hobbyist photographer and it means I shoot to kill time, for a whim.  As stated in my previous post, I created this blog to be my personal journal on a journey to master high-speed photography. This journal should contain personal notes on HSP to somehow remind me on where I am, and push me and encourage me to shoot more.

This blog also aims to help other photographers know more about HSP.

Welcome to High Speed Photography Blog!




About highspeedphoto

An IT Professional by profession, photography is a hobby that makes me sane (and sometimes insane). Living in Manila, Philippines with my wife and two sons. As with most beginners in photography, I started in shooting Portraits and Landscapes... until I am inspired by the images under the genre High Speed Photography. I tried it and never looked back. Still developing my photographic skill under this field, I aim to create awe-inspiring images that our bare eyes can't normally see - whether it is a water droplet, water drop umbrella, splashing water, popping balloon, dancing paint/color, exploding bottle, etc. Please visit my blog from time to time as I will upload more photos.

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