This is the first time I set-up to shoot bursting balloon, and the first time to use Universal Photo Timer, as a sound trigger. (I will list down the types of triggers and manufacturers in my upcoming posts.) I think capturing ‘balloon popping’ images are the simplest way to check and have a feel on sound trigger and its set-up. For this very reason, most of High Speed Photographers have their popping balloons, I think.

Here’s my very first shot:

Balloon Pop #1-1
f/11, 105mm, ISO 100

I captured the balloon more than halfway on its burst. So, I adjusted the Universal Photo Timer to trigger sooner to show the balloon ~halfway on its pop. Unfortunately, I did  not record the time delay on each photos. I sprayed some water outside the balloons and here are the results:

Balloon Pop #1-2
f/11, 105mm, ISO 200
Balloon Pop #1-3
f/8, 90mm, ISO 400

Balloon Pop #1-5
f/11, 85mm, ISO 200


Balloon Pop #1-4 (in GIF Animation)
f/11, 85mm, ISO 200Balloon Pop #1-4 in GIF Animation

All the above images are originally underexposed. I pushed the exposure and brightness up in post processing. I should have fixed the exposure during the shoot, but then, I realized that getting a right exposure in High Speed photography is tricky.

I could have used more than one flash  to help on the exposure and used the lowest flash power needed to freeze the event. For this shoot, I used only one flash @ 1/32 power. To add, I used open-flash technique.

On the next Balloon Pop shoot, I’ll try to fill up colored water in the balloon. Use pellet rifle gun instead of a pin and try to capture multiple balloon pop. And maybe, instead of just spraying the balloons with water, spray baking powder damped with colored water. And correct the exposure right there and then!


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