The pictures below came from my first attempt to capture an image of paints jumping/dancing on a balloon-covered speaker.

Used open-flash technique.

Used only one flash, Sigma EF 530 DG Super @ 1/32 power, triggered by Universal Photo Timer (sound trigger).

PP – cropped, cleaned the background and sharpened.

These images remind me of how hard this exercise can be (the images are no beauty). It is difficult to find the perfect mixture of  liquid (mixture of paint, cream, water or oil) that will match on the vibration the speaker will throw (volume and Hz of the sound). I also added some sprinkles for me to see how really high (or low) the jump is.

Water and Oil JumpWater and oil jump

Red BlobRed Blob

Yellow Paint with lots of oilYellow Paint with lots of oil

Yellow Paint with SprinklesYellow Paint with Sprinkles

Sprinkles DelightSprinkles Delight

Jumping SprinklesJumping Sprinkles

At the end of the shoot, after more than 50 clicks, I only got one image to keep:

 First Dance
ISO 400, 135 mm, f/11First Dance


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