Here’s the output of my second shoot on jumping colors:

Jumping Colors
ISO 200, f/13 @ 135mmJumping Colors

Put some paint over a balloon-covered speaker. Paint jumps @ 90Hz, triggering the Universal Timer @ 2500ms delay

used open-flash technique
YongNuo YN460-II flash 1/64 power @ 8 o’clock
Sigma EF530 DG Super flash 1/128 power @ 4 o’clock

PP – cropped, adjust levels, sharpen

Success rate is one out of five (not bad, in my opinion). I am having the hang on shooting this kind of images, but needed to apply some of these lessons learned next time:
> use a bass speaker (aka sub woofer)
> use higher power amplifier
> I can probably do without the trigger, just make sure the liquid jumps continuously


First Place Winner: Accenture (Phil.), Inc Photography Club, December 2010 Photo of the Month, Theme: Best Photo of 2010


About highspeedphoto

An IT Professional by profession, photography is a hobby that makes me sane (and sometimes insane). Living in Manila, Philippines with my wife and two sons. As with most beginners in photography, I started in shooting Portraits and Landscapes... until I am inspired by the images under the genre High Speed Photography. I tried it and never looked back. Still developing my photographic skill under this field, I aim to create awe-inspiring images that our bare eyes can't normally see - whether it is a water droplet, water drop umbrella, splashing water, popping balloon, dancing paint/color, exploding bottle, etc. Please visit my blog from time to time as I will upload more photos.

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  1. Steve says:

    This is a great Blog, very informative and inspirational.
    I am about to buy a sound trigger, will I need one with a delay ? The one I am looking at has a minimum delay of 30m/s do you think that is too much.
    I really don’t want to waste my money.
    Thank you for such a great blog.

    • hey steve, thanks for dropping by. There are lots of sound triggers in the market. I personally have Universal Photo Timer and StopShot triggers. With this two, I recommend StopShot. But if you’re know something about electronics, you might want to build your own trigger.

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