I had some fun in my first ballistic shots. I asked my wife to save the egg shells just for this shot. And here they are:

Eggsplosion #1-1 to 1-5

I filled the empty shells with blue colored water. I had some trigger misfires, out of 10 eggshells, I only captured 4.

Since I still have time to shoot, but no empty shells, I decided to grab two eggs on our refrigerator and have them as a subject.

Eggsplosion #2-1 to 2-2

EXIF of the 5 images:
ISO 1600
open-flash technique
Sigma EF530 DG Super @ 1/32 power, with softbox triggered by Universal Photo Timer, sound-triggered @ 100ms

On the next Eggsplosion series, I’ll try to shoot colorful egg shells that were lined up. I’ll try to thicken the water, or better yet fill the egg shells with jelly. Maybe, I also need to use opaque plexiglass for the base reflection. But before that, I need to convince again my wife to save lots of egg shells! =)


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